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We work closely with startup founders to develop your business, build a strong online presence, grow your pysical and online communinty and access funding. We also help you integrate the United Nations Sustanable Development Goals (SDGs) into your business model so as increase your brand’s integrity and to open doors to global partnerships

Blockchain Consultation

With the sporadic growth of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, many companies are exploring ways to integrate blockchain features into their existing business model. Likewise, aspiring entrepreneurs set their sights on launching their crypto venture and need proper guidance on how to do so successfully. With a seasoned team that has been at the forefront of the blockchain industry since 2017, we bring a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the evolving crypto landscape. Trust us to be your guide in unlocking the full potential of blockchain technology for your business.

Business Development

Great startups need more than just a good idea—they need a strong strategy and flawless execution. Our seasoned business developers craft Fortune 500-inspired systems to propel your business past competition and ensure sustainability. Our business development strategies are meticulously crafted to align with your unique goals and industry landscape.

Website Development

In today’s digital era, your website functions as your virtual office. Neglecting to establish an online presence might result in losing a significant customer base. Whether you need a landing page, business website, e-commerce platform, or web app, our adept developers stand ready to create tailored solutions for you.

marketing and community growth

Our seasoned marketing professionals will craft personalized strategies that align seamlessly with your brand identity. From target audience analysis to identifying the best channels of marketing (online or offline), to growing a vibrant community around your brand, we create marketing strategies that resonate with your audience across platforms so as to drive sales, onboard customers, and boost your brand visibility and reputation.


Whether you’re a startup with ambitious dreams or an established entity looking to scale, our team has partnerships with Venture Capitals looking to invest in businesses that can prove to be in high demand, scalable, profitable, and sustainable. Our team will craft compelling investment pitches that showcase the uniqueness and potential of your business, navigate the due diligence process, and help you achieve your fundraising goal.



Just like Apple has the Apple Store and Google has the Google Play Store, Dapp Play Store is a platform that houses all Decentralized Apps (dApps) built on all networks in one platform.


Vibranium is our cyber security consultant. Founded in 2021, Vibranium has a track record of working with over 100 clients and 20 partners. They offer a myraid of cybersecurity services for projects in the web3 space


Lawyered is a Legal Tech Company. Our partnership with them allows our clients to protect their Intellectual Property. In a nuiance industry like web3 alot of remarkable projects or great business ideas suffer from the issue of IP theft.

About Us

At Sensei Corp we don’t just offer services, we forge partnerships that propel your business into the forefront of innovation. Let’s embark on this exciting journey together, turning your aspirations into achievements.

Your success is our mission, and we are committed to making it a reality!

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